“It was a day I couldn’t do anything.” Hyugo Shibuno is a big turbulent turbulent 28th place Ayaka Thailand is 2 strokes.

“I can’t win the championship and lead to the next” ◆ American women’s professional golf [Video] Hinako Shibuno’s unique It was a disappointing last day of the world with two dowels in preparation gymnastics, and it was a frustrating last day of 4 over 4. The result was over. U.S. Women’s Tour, Amazing Cry Portland Classic last day (local time 18th), Furue was 13 under the top tie, and Shibuno was in Thailand 1 shot. Furue is a round of the second tour of the tour since the opening of the Trust Golf Scotch Women’s Open, and the Shibuno has been the second victory since the 2019 British Women’s Open. Although it is relatively flat, the US women’s tour competition at Colombia Edge Water CC, where high trees separate the hall, have changed in various ways, but the history is long. The Japanese players have won three people, Ayako Okamoto (1986), Ai Miyazato (2010), and Mika Miyuri (2012), and is a familiar course for Japanese old fans. The final set of Furue, both, started 13 under, the same as Andreal Lilia V (USA), who won the first championship. The par is stacked quietly in a calm condition. In the 5th and 7th par 5, he firmly steals birdies and fights for the Birdie battle. However, the 8th par 3 tea shot was caught in the pond and darkened. Although he managed to put it in a bogey, the number 9 was also a bogey from the rough bunker edge. It retreats 13 under at the start. No. 10 was blown away in a heavy atmosphere. With 7W in the second shot 크레이지슬롯 of par 5, and carrying it to the color in front of the green, a vivid eagle is sinking 5.5 meters neatly with putter. Furue responded with his right hand with his right hand, and the number 11 was also a birdie in total. The battle for the championship is firm. He sank a 13 -meter difficult snake line on the 16th and steal the birdie, but this is the case. Lee, who put the birdie in the same hall, extended to 19 under and escaped the melee and won the championship. Furue, a total of 17 under, finished third in Thailand, less than 18 under the second place Daniela Dakua (Ecuador). “It was good to be able to go around with under (par) while I couldn’t play my own. I am frustrated that I can not win, but I think that will lead to the next.” Furue burns. The next battle is waiting.

Macau is known as a casino city in the world. Currently, six licensing operators connecting the government and concessions operate about 40 casino facilities. However, the current concession is scheduled to be matured at the end of December this year (2022). Currently, the bidding process of the next concession progresses. Prior to the start of the next concession, the government has revised the casino law about 20 years ago in response to changes in the situation. Although the revised casino method has a lot of attention, one of them has a “table and machine number cap (upper limit)” and “lower sales per unit”, and the number is stipulated by the chief of the chief of the chief. thing. The Great Secretary -General of this was published in the Macau Special Administrative District Bulletin on August 26, and the specific content was revealed. The total number of gaming tables that can be managed by all concession operators was 6,000 units, and 12,000 gaming machines (slot machines, etc.) 룰렛 were set. In addition, the annual sales (coarse revenue) per gaming table are 7 million Pataka (Japanese yen conversion: about 118.52 million yen), and the gaming machine is 300,000 Pataka (about 5.08 million yen), respectively. If it is not possible to clear, the government will need to pay the difference by the government based on the provisions. Both will be applied from January 1, next year, which is the start date of the next concession. At present, Macau has no settings for the annual sales of the table and the number of machines and the number of machines per unit, and the new allocation of gaming tables and slot machines applies to the government when the new facility is opened. It is a form that is approved. In the early days of the current concession, the opening of the new facility continued, and the number of approved units increased sharply, but the number of annual casinotables for 10 years until 2022 was approved by 3%. In principle, the investment standard for non -casino elements (non -casino elements) was in principle. Regarding the new upper limit and sales lower limit, the government has explained that it is intended to make effective use of the assigned table machine. The number of gaming tables operating in Macau as of the end of June this year according to the latest data is 6006 units, and the gaming machine is 12,042 units, which is almost the same as the upper limit of the number displayed this time. However, it is a number that reflects the decline in demand due to the decline in the number of corona inbound passengers, and as of the end of 2019 before Corona, the number of gaming tables was 6739 and the gaming machine was 17009 units. The lower limit of sales is 45.6 billion Pataka (about 772.1 billion yen), including 6000 gaming tables x 7 million Pataka and gaming machines, 12,000 units x 300,000 Pataka. Casino sales have been sluggish due to the corona evil, and 2019 before Corona 2019 is about 292.5 billion Pataka (about 4.952.6 billion yen), but this year’s outlook is only about 50 billion Pataka (about 846.6 billion yen). The lower limit will exceed. Both the upper limit and the lower sales limit are based on the worst market conditions due to the corona evil, and the lower sales limit is not considered to be under pressure for contest operators. However, if the current six companies have won the next license, it is very important to see if the assignment of the table and slot machines will be maintained or shuffled and re -assigned.

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