“What I realized when I tried to change myself to make myself happy. ]

Previously I

I can’t say what I think

Words that seem to be convinced

Expected answers

Things that are likely to be recognized

I was just saying

The answer to the answer was by the other party

I’m afraid to be refused

I want to do what I want to do

I couldn’t say

How do you say what the other person should do

I was doing action to say YES

Is it okay to do this?

Is this allowed?

How can I understand?

Can you admit it?

The other person always had permission to act

In person

Don’t be hated

Don’t feel bad

So that you want to be with you

To make you think it’s amazing

Don’t be stupid

Always pay attention to people

Carefully care about the other person’s mood

To meet the other person’s expectations

I was working hard

At that time I was

I hate myself

To meet people’s expectations

Don’t let people feel bad

Don’t be ridiculed by people

Don’t hate people

What I used to take care of before

I was a person other than myself

I’m too confident in myself

I left my life to people

If you look back on yourself in the past

How much masculinity is in full throttle

You can see if you kept thinking

Always observe people in a tension

Imagine people’s feelings

Calculate in yourself

I derived the best answer for me

With my masculinity

I can’t afford too much

I felt feminine, but there were few gaps to enter

The world created by masculinity

To me in femininity

People are scared

I’m a stupid person

I can’t do this as it is

I felt like

I was at that time

I hate this kind of person

In other words, I hated my masculinity

That time

Trying to change myself

Feminine self has springed up

Read a book

Received seminars

Take a course

Going to see the person you want to be empty

The actions that have been left to masculinity until then

Changed to feminine transmission

I didn’t know until then

Knowing the world a lot and experiencing

A lot of things I’ve never 카지노 done before

I didn’t go, say, or do

Just that

Until then I left it to people

I felt my life was my own thing


I felt okay

I felt the kindness of people

I felt fun

I felt a sense of security

I felt happy

I was delighted

at the same time

I covered it so that I didn’t feel it until then




I hate you

Feeling of despair

Sense of guilt


Meat emotions like

I tasted so unpleasant

Masculinity takes the initiative

More than when I was working hard

Female hopes

Because I came to release it

The world has spread and fun

I became happy


To increase what you can

Even if you don’t hate people

Even if you become an excellent person

Even to acquire special talents

Even if you have a lot of money

It wasn’t enviable by people

What I think is fun to live now

Being able to look forward to your life in the future

It was only this

Female self

Little by little

Because you can pass it on to masculinity

I think I’m fine with this

I was stupid

I also liked myself little by little masculinity

To make myself more happy

Rather than trying to change yourself, forgive yourself to live as you like

I can’t do what I decided once, that’s my lol

Elvis didn’t have much electricity films compared to the high popularity and the influence on popular culture. As an electric film produced in 2016, there seems to be no actor who plays Elvis except Elvis and Nixon, who only deals with Nixon. When he heard that Bures Luer, who proved his skills in music films with Moulin Rouge, was actually the first to shoot the first Elvis electric film, he thought he should see if he came up to VOD with a great expectation. So in the end, I enjoyed Elvis at home.

◆ Would the Beatles exist without Elvis?

Elvis can’t talk about the eternal rival Beatles. Korea is definitely a country with a higher popularity of the Beatles than Elvis. Neighbor Japan is so. It is a country that can only be influenced by Japan’s imports of pop music. Perhaps because of the atmosphere, Elvis has not exceeded 100,000 domestic box office, which is largely compared with the Bohemian Rhapsody. In my opinion, we are a country that loves British pop music, especially rock music than American pop music, from Queen Rolling Stones Red Zeppelin Deep Purple Pink Floyd Elton John Visgies and the Beatles standing on it. I know in the order. It’s called English -American pop, but it’s not called Miyoung Pop music. The habit of language naturally reveals.

I think the Beatles is by far the best artist in the 20th century, so I personally think that the Beatles is greater than Elvis. But as much as this fact, I can’t help but admit it. “There was no Beatles without Elvis.” It’s so famous that the role model was like El Bis when the Beatles started living in Hamburg. However, Elvis is the first artist who practiced Blue Eyed Soul by combining Elvis’s dazzling stage manners, passionate live, and Gospel and Country Music, and he wrote all the songs and played all the songs. I can’t do it. It is true that the Beatles and Elvis, who gave the concept to the album rather than the song and tried new experiments in each album, are strictly in different levels.

Of course, as revealed in the film, Elvis also grew up with black music, influenced by black singers such as Bibic King or Jobby Charlia Jackson Pats Domino, but as revealed in the film, as revealed in the movie It was his second life of his life. In fact, he is much more progressive than we think, and that is not well conveyed to us. For the Beatles, it should be a kind of jealousy or a strange sense of superiority. The reason he opposed black discrimination, opposed violence, and was negative for traditional southern Christian culture, he met with President Nixon, a conservative incarnation, and took a picture. Nixon really disliked the Beatles ‘leader Zone Rannon, who opposed the Vietnam War and mentally led the hippies’ resistance. Anyway, he had no Democratic rival politicians (he was the one who won the Democratic candidate with the largest score car in the history of 596: 4 during 솔레어카지노 the reelection. In fact, there was no need to eavesdrop).

◆ The reason why Elvis sang and the Beatles played music

I think that the power of popular music is the essence of love and loneliness. The Beatles also tried to capture messages such as the Pepper’s album in 67, from music to the ideological free resistance revolution. It’s the first artist who shows that love may not be all of popular music.

In that sense, Elvis was a typical singer. He was a man who craved for a lifetime that could not live for a moment without love, and he was a weak man who felt lonely everywhere, not on the stage. He was mentally closer to his mother than his father, who had been indecisive and prison, and his mother sent him to an American army in Germany and finally lived in alcohol. He suffered the greatest pain and sorrow in his life. In that sense, it is similar to John Lennon and Paul McCartney who lost his mother early. Perhaps if Paul or John worked solo, he could have walked similar to Elvis. However, Paul had a paul in John, and he competed with each other and competed with each other, and the two of us grew together with the intention of evolving popular music one step further. Elvis was solo from start to finish, and after his mother died, he was only an incompetent father who had hatched him with his evil manager Tom Parker (Tom Hanks, who had a similar name). Elvis’s keyword is love and solitude, and there is one word that comes to mind in his live. It is the real driving force that his sweat has made them almost crazy for 20 years. It is difficult to add the word love when he thinks about the women who have spent a lot of nights together. It was too short to have his only daughter Lisa Mari, maybe Lisa Marie’s childhood, he would have had no time with only two dads. I haven’t seen it, and I’m 54 years old that she’s married four times (there are a big star like Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage). Perhaps much more than you think in her world, Lisa Marie may have a serious feeling of her father’s absence and dying with her lifelong trauma. Elvis had a genetic father, but there was no father to teach him society and morality. He would have acted for his only child as he learned.

◆ In the end, all American music films are trapped in winding Jingak

In fact, the composition of winding jingak is the formula of all American films. It works not only in action movies but also in music movies. So is Judy, who drew Judy Galand as an incarnation of unhappy. MGM’s boss is evil in the film. This is the story of dividing the lives of stars into good and evil in the film. While the actual stars are active, they see only their sheep, but after death, the late generation people who are in the movie often see their own sound. Considering the psychology of the audience who wants the winding jing evil, the film director is the best way to draw a manager or the president of a record label while drawing an unfortunate heroine and the male protagonist. Tom Parker is actually an incarnation of evil. He was new to Las Vegas Hotel Dinner Show to pay off his gambling debt. He took 50 percent of Elvis’s money, and most of the guards were handed over to the incompetent father he believed. The totally talented bear was a bear and money was taken by a breeder. If Elvis left the United States and went to the world tours around the world, such as Japan Europe, Europe, like the Beatles, it might have changed the first and second place in the world pop music world. He is the only person in the United States, which is a space where he can work with Elvis’ popularity and potential. He interprets this as a protection. But it’s just whether it can be controlled. In fact, he was the king of greed, and Elvis died and Elvis’s house, Graceland, was to take away from Priscilla. He tried to pay off his debts in the casino. I dreamed of becoming an actor like James Dean, but he was much more musical than the movie. He is the one who starred in the starring musical films to such a preselge to make Presley drop his own value. In the end, the film succeeded in making Parker a villain of Marvel film, showing Elvis’s misfortunes and sorrow dramatically. Most of them are based on facts, but history must be strict and even equal. If Parker found an unknown Elvis and pushed black and white discrimination, it would have been possible to succeed in Presley if he hadn’t had his driving force behind the southern to the eastern. It is clear that there was a foresight that at least black and white convergence would occur in music. He was a freshwater that made his natural stars on stage. He was also a person who used the event every time to keep his fan sentiment. The person who later crossed the line but actually absent for the lifetime was Tom Pagger, who gave him strength and will. Now both are deceased, so historical evaluation is possible. In the process of joining the singer’s success and decline, we know that the relationship between the singer and the manager or the president of the agency is really rare. In that sense, I fell into the worst before death, but it is clear that Parka and Elvis were win -win for each other.

The film was a film that showed that Elvis was a very decent person than I thought, and that the idea of ​​being relatively conservative than the Beatles was a stereotype, but in the process, the excessive description of evil, such as the Hollywood Marvel film, was too intentional. It was also the remaining movie. And Elvis, who was in charge of Elvis, was not as handsome as it was actually Elvis, but he was really actually playing Elvis. I think it’s a movie that even people who don’t like Elvis rather than the Beatles or don’t know Elvis themselves.

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