“I am back~!”

When I returned to the casino, the dealer who greeted me alternately looked at the clock and my face and greeted me with a amiable smile.

“I was in time!”

So I told the last password and finally cleared the whole story.

“Congratulations. This is a clear card. There is an extra mission on the back of the card, but you can solve it at home so please whenever you want.”

If you try to return with Mr. S, thank you and thank you in a sense of accomplishment from the development of the angry waves.

“Have you ever done poker?”

I was chatting before Mr. S came, so the dealer stopped me a little closely.

I’m interested in poker and casinos, but 코인카지노 Mr. S is waiting for me with the elevator open.

“I’ve never done it. It’s a bright place than I thought, and I will come to play again next time. Even if you lose, you won’t get a lot of money, right?”

“Ah, that’s right. I don’t get any money other than the usage fee.”

I couldn’t do it, so after a little opponent, I rounded up the story and returned to Mr. S.

After waving to him until the elevator door was closed, I looked up and looked up a little bit, but it might be just because I was going.

Breakfast buffet at a hotel that I am looking forward to at accommodation

2022 was a summer vacation without any restrictions on behavior for the first time in three years. Compared to the Corona’s evil, it has not yet recovered, but many people have traveled. If you are staying at a hotel on a trip, I’m looking forward to breakfast buffet.

There was an article that I was worried about at the breakfast buffet.

・ Are there many disadvantages such as food loss? Reasons why there are many buffet at the hotel breakfast / adult

Proceed in the form of questioning the hotel journalist and answering. It is generally convincing, but I wrote this article this time because there are some things I want to supplement.

It cannot be said that the profitability is highly high

One of the reasons for buffet in hotel breakfast is that “buffet format can reduce labor costs and have higher profitability.” However, it is not the case that the hotel is doing breakfast buffet only for profit.

The buffet can reduce labor costs, but instead, the cost of ingredients will increase. Conversely, it can be said that labor costs are turned into ingredients.

It is a business style where you make a lot of buffet and have many people come, that is, provide a lot and pay a lot of money. Therefore, if there is no customer than expected, it will be in the red as much as you have prepared in large quantities. Regarding the purchase of ingredients, individual meals can be reduced during the off -season, but buffets must be prepared for many types, so they cannot reduce the purchase even during the discourse.

Even after exceeding the point of the penalty, the question remains if the profit margin is always higher than the individual meal. It depends completely on how much you make, the number of types, the presence or absence of the demonstration, and what you eat well, so you will not be able to affirm that the profitability is high.

Implemented to turn operations

So why is breakfast buffet being held?

It is to solve operations issues and improve customer satisfaction.

Breakfast is used by most guests, unlike lunch and dinner. Moreover, they concentrate on a narrow slot of about an hour, from 7:30 to 8:30. Conversely, it will be quiet after 9 o’clock.

To handle this peak time, you need a lot of staff for kitchens and services, but it is difficult to secure enough staff to wait early in the morning. If you start working at 7 o’clock, you will end your work before the evening and you will not be able to work for dinner.

In order to handle breakfast business with a small staff, a breakfast buffet is used for customers to go as they like. At the hotel, it is important to attract customers and sales for lunch and dinner, but it is important to optimize the operation and have the guests eat breakfast without stress at breakfast.

I’m not happy to wait for more than 30 minutes until the individual breakfast is brought. Many tourists will want to leave the hotel immediately after eating breakfast. If it’s a buffet, you can start eating immediately and leave the store. Of course, on the contrary, you can eat various things and spend time in the morning slowly. You can also choose whatever you like. It is very convenient because the physical condition of the day can decide what to eat and how much to eat.

Therefore, the fact that the hotel is buffet for breakfast just for profit is a wrong explanation that damages the image.

Breakfast buffet boom

“In the past, it was common for hotels to provide meals individually, but the number of buffet breakfast has increased.” It depends on how long ago, but I don’t think so much in the last 20 years.

In 1994, the Shin -Mika family Park Hyatt Tokyo and the Westin Hotel Tokyo opened, and foreign -affiliated hotels have been in the spotlight, but breakfast buffet has been held from the beginning at such a longing top hotel. Breakfast buffet has been held in Japanese hotels, such as the Imperial Hotel, Tokyu Hotel, Keio Plaza Hotel, Liga Royal Hotel, and Suidobashi Grand Hotel.

Nowadays, it is a keyword like morning activity, and there are trends to go to eat breakfast buffet, but since 30 years ago, City Hotels and Resort Hotels have been focusing on breakfast buffets and were very popular.

In the case of a business hotel, not a city hotel, the situation is a little different. In 2016, business hotels rapidly increased since the Tourism Agency aimed at 40 million foreign visitors to Japan in 2020. In the past, there may have been many without breakfast without breakfast, but since the number of competitors has increased, breakfast buffet is differentiated.

Tell the local food

“If you have high -end ingredients such as truffles, toro, sea urchins, and dishes using the land ingredients, you will get a better impression, but it feels like half.

In the hotel’s breakfast buffet in a rural area, it is true that the impression of the land is better. Because it is something that can not be eaten in other areas, it is the only food experience.

However, just because it is a high -quality ingredient, it is not related to the local area with a breakfast buffet, such as providing sea urchin and toro even though it is inland, using a truffle that is not cheaper other than France or Italy. In many cases, high -quality ingredients are provided.

This is because luxury ingredients that are not related to the area do not work for hotels and regions, and even in buffet, which accounts for the fact that the ratio of food costs is large. Even if it is a high -quality ingredient, it can be purchased at a cheap price if it is a local producer, but if you buy it from afar, it will not do so. It is not good from the recent food mileage.

Now that competition is fierce, every hotel has deepened the bonds with local producers as much as possible, gaining regional nature, and strengthening food.

Food loss worries

There is a description that “in a buffet format, the content of the dishes can be changed every day, so the possibility of excess ingredients is low, and it is also a minimum to care about the expiration date.”

Certainly, in the buffet, the menu can be set up freely, so it is very flexible, which increases the efficiency of ingredients and helps to reduce food loss.

However, from the viewpoint of food loss reduction, you must not overlook the struggle unique to the buffet. In the buffet, you need to fill the buffet stand until the business is completed. Customers can enjoy eating with excitement because the buffet platform is satisfied. If what you want to eat is always empty, or if the buffet stand is squeaky and looks bad, your impression will be worse.

Therefore, in the hotel brand policy, the buffet stand must be enhanced to the end, and it may be necessary to replenish it even if it is close to the close.

Food loss due to leftovers of customers is one of the major problems. If you leave it left, you may be able to eat a large amount of penalty for many grams.

There are many dinner buffet

Finally, I would like to say, “There is little buffet at dinner, because it can disappoint the expectations of customers who want extraordinary specialities.” This is very questionable.

A small hotel has a buffet for dinner. Many brand hotels such as Hoshino Resort, Imperial Hotel, Intercontinental, Westin, and Hilton have a restaurant mainly for buffet, and in addition to breakfast, you can experience buffet at dinner.

It is said that buffet betrays extraordinary expectations, but buffet is the extraordinary. It is not everyday to be able to eat more than 40 kinds of hotel quality dishes. There is also a demonstration that can be made in front of you, but this is exactly the same as the currently trendy counter gastronomy. I don’t understand where the buffet is everyday.

In the first place, the buffet and the course have a completely different style, and the customers who prefer each are different. The people who want to go to pick up what they like and want to eat freely at their own pace, and those who want to sit down and calm down, and enjoy the dishes left to the chef. Because the hotel understands this well, even a luxury brand is also a buffet for dinner.

Course and ラ la carte are extraordinary, and it seems a bit rough to mention that buffet is not suitable for dinner because it is everyday, or asserts that there 온라인바카라 are few dinner buffets.

You can experience many types little by little

The buffet is a very unique style. It is different from normal a la carte and course, and the management policy and operation are completely different. If it becomes a hotel breakfast buffet, it will be for guests, so it is even more special in the buffet.

I also like Fine Dining Course and Casual A la carte, but I also like free style buffets. I’m glad that the buffet is taken up in the article, but it’s a shame that the charm is not well known, but the fact may be incorrectly understood or misunderstood.

I would be glad if you could take up a buffet as an attractive food experience that allows you to experience many types little by little.

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