Governor Yoshimura’s “Hikari” failed one after another. The reason for the highest number of deaths is Osaka, where only 300 users are used for 6 billion yen, and the closure of Corona facilities.

The number of new colonovirus infected people has declined nationwide, and the regulations on overseas travel have been relaxed in June, and bright signs have begun to gradually begin. Meanwhile, it was found that Osaka Corona, the largest temporary medical facility in Japan, “Osaka Corona Large -scale Medical and Health Care Center” (Suminoe -ku, Osaka), which was opened by Osaka Prefecture for measures against new Coronavirus, will be closed at the end of May. The Yomiuri Shimbun reported. Only the facilities installed for about 6 billion yen have been raised to pursue Governor Yoshimura’s responsibility.

6 billion in the world is the largest dying in the country in Osaka.

Governor Yoshimura announced in late August last year that the company’s largest temporary medical facility, Osaka Corona, a large -scale medical center and medical treatment center. The fifth -school Delta stock was rampant, and patients in their 30s and 50s, whose symptoms worsened while waiting at home, were in a series of cases.

With about 6 billion yen, 800 aspects and 200 beds for moderate at the Index Osaka in Nanko, Osaka and Nanko, were developed on January 30 with the trend of Omicron stocks. 。

However, in fact, it was rarely used, and according to the Yomiuri Shimbun, only 303 users were in total during the three -month operation period. As vaccination has progressed, the severity rate has dropped dramatically, and the use of restricted facilities such as the time of lights has been shunned, and most people have chosen home medical treatment.

On the other hand, the treatment of the initial infection is delayed, and the number of cases in which death leads to death has occurred frequently.

The Asahi Shimbun on May 29 reported that the Osaka City Public Health Center was one week behind the response because 86 infected people were not properly processed. This is a poor reason that the Excel file that manages the data of the prefectural residents was not able to respond because it could not shift due to a problem.

This is one of the icebergs, which is a background that the health center of Osaka Prefecture has fallen into dysfunction.

The Corona Large Medical Center also searched for the acceptance of the elderly, but did not resolve problems such as the securing of nursing staff and the steps of the facility, and abandoned the acceptance.

Governor Yoshimura has announced that in July, about 2 billion new welfare facilities will be rented in Suminoe -ku, Osaka to create a temporary facility for the elderly. It must be said that it is unknown whether it works as expected.

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The first place in the infected death was the excuse for the elderly.

In February, when Omicron strains occurred, the number of Corona deaths in Osaka finally exceeded Tokyo and worst.

Governor Yoshimura explained that “Osaka has a higher rate of elderly people and three -family together” and “because it is easy for young people and the elderly to adhere.” As a result, residents in prefectures, whose elderly people and the number of infected people had a higher rate of living together than Osaka, were alert to the risk of death.

However, when I opened the lid, it was not actually possible to increase the number of deaths with the momentum like Osaka.

The number of deaths per population was higher than Osaka, and the number of deaths did not increase in Fukui Prefecture, which had a high rate of elderly people and three -family living together. In other words, only the number of deaths in Osaka is outstanding.

It can be said that improvement is not to increase the facilities, but to respond to the hospital for health centers and colona patients who are suffering 크레이지슬롯 from functional failures.

Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City are planning to attract the IR facilities that include casinos, but on May 26, a citizen organization in Osaka asks for the invitation of a resident Ordinance. It announced that it has exceeded 6,000,000.

Behind this is not only a lot of negative opinions, but a estimate that the resort maintenance cost will cost about 79 billion yen in December last year, but an additional cost of 230 billion yen in January the following January will be charged. It seems that the sweetness of awareness and the quickness of the response, such as being revealed, are also affected.

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Governor Yoshimura who does not take responsibility for his excuses even if he makes a mistake. The next failure may not be 6 billion yen.

Twitter reaction

It is Osaka where the billions of money were not used effectively with the appeal of Governor Yoshimura.

– kazusa (@changsawa) May 30, 2022

Please divide Yoshimura -kun and Matsui -kun.

Corona temporary facilities installed for 6 billion yen, closed with only 303 users … “I could not correct the trajectory” (Yomiuri Shimbun Online) #yahoo News

– People in the narrow world (life satisfaction) (@cq2rcm7kuv6qhgo) May 30, 2022

The failure of Governor Yoshimura in Osaka is not limited to this. In the past, the severity of the severe illness has fallen into a labor shortage and has no function. It is inevitable to repeat the failure without reflecting on the failure.

Corona temporary facilities installed for 6 billion yen, closed with only 303 users … “I could not correct the trajectory”: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

– Kosuke Nosuke (@choco_4brand) May 29, 2022

Why was the Osaka Prefectural Governor’s Corona’s Corona most appreciated in Corona’s most victims? Isn’t the number of times on TV and the layer of the questionnaire who answered the questionnaire affected? Otherwise, Japanese politics will be evaluated as the dead will be given. Is there such a suicide nation?

—Tomi (@meow164) May 28, 2022

When you see the posters of the idiots of the Meiji Restoration, you are driven by the urge you want to peel off

What is Isodine Yoshimura doing?

He would just break Osaka.

– Pengin (@hiyotaco) May 30, 2022

Why are the Osaka citizens raising the opposition, but why are they hard.

Casino has been in the red for 54 years in Osaka.

Don’t ignore people’s will.

Osaka Casino “Resident’s Collection” Approximately exceeds the statutory number, Restoration and Matsui & Yoshimura will prevent voting! In the Tokyo concept, it was said to be “ultimate democracy”, but from @litera_web

– Flatoutjed Jedi (@Flatoutjedi1965) May 30, 2022

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