“Evil attack: Madness of Destruction and Destruction”

I finally came 🎵 激 2 horns quests ❗

This time with Suraak general -purpose equipment

I challenged (о´∀`о) ノ

Lv1 slot x 3 is a free frame.

Prevents roaring at anger

I have a Kennyo stone Lv3.

Head enhancement sustainable Lv1 offensive Lv1 (bonus)

Torso avoidance range up Lv1 continuous strike Lv1

Use arm item enhancement Lv1 (bonus) Takumi Lv1

Waisting stone speedization Lv1 slot 2-1-1

Leg destruction King Lv1 Gorge Black Polishing Lv1

Is added.

Stone is an attack Lv3 fast -speeding Lv2

I use slot 3.

Ibekue “Destruction and Destruction Banquet” I cleared the first glance, but the layering was not mastrail (crying) #Mhrise #MHRISE #Mhrise 바카라 #nintendoswitch https://t.co/kwcixvawc2 August 25, 2022 12:41

At the attribute filling counter

After turning the gauge to MAX

With a flying dragon sword from the zero distance

From the change of damage

With a slash charger

Avoid & gauge recovery

It will be a recommended turn around.

Defense weakness

I was able to overcome it

I’m happy (*≧ ∀ ≦*)

The layer of clear reward is an ice bone

If you think it was a muscle

It was a career crown ( ̄ ▽  ̄;)


Espinus subspecies will come.

I’m looking forward to it (* ̄∇ ̄*)

Then, to collect the lump -knock -blooming material

I’m going (^-^) Noshi

It’s a tray

For Luna, I wonder if new tray is coming back

When Luna died, she was worried about which one to make her remains

If she chooses without thinking deeply, she can’t line up

This photo is put out at the edge.

She thought that she wanted a little platform to put

I made the cup from Fumi -chan as a stand.

Even so … this

It’s a Baccarat glass

When she was told by Fumi -chan, “This is not it?”

She said, “Hmm … it’s so heavy, but it’s heavy.”

Both of them were willing to throw away

By the way, if 온라인슬롯 you put it properly, it looks like this

I borrowed the image.

If you put it normally, dust will accit inside the glass

I put it upside down 😅

I know how sloppy I’m (;^ω^)

This glass …

If you buy it, it will be a reasonable price

Baccarat who cannot find any value for the poor

What I say Fumi -chan

“The lighter one is yeah, if you do it cheap, you can use it without hesitation.”

What is it?

But thanks to you without throwing it away

It can be used for Luna’s photo stand like this.

In addition, this weight can be quite stable.

At first I thought about using it to offer water

After all the size and weight are the bottleneck

I use it as a stand.

Luna -chan!

You’re back properly

Go slowly ~~

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