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I had to be educated for two months. Sitting every day for five days a week and studying history was also suitable for aptitude. The problem is to explain this to people… That was a job. I was not confident in talking in front of people, but I reminded me of the history of having commented for two years at Seodaemun Prison. Turkish also studied an hour every day. A female employee who was fluent in Korean taught the words he needed here. It was mainly talking about numbers, but as I used words I learned, Turkish increased quickly.

Those who prepared the guide with me were male employees who had a guide in Macau and the Philippines. Compared to them, I was a naked naked to head to the ground. The two always worried that I would be pressed by the guests. I was the one who was the most worried inside, but I tried to look. But the boss also suggested how to work in the office instead of the guide. Of course it was solid. It was an opportunity to avoid big walls. The office work will be more stable. But when I thought about it, it was funny to find stability in this strange Istanbul. It was a natural choice to choose a guide because it was a trip I wanted to adventure. I don’t try to go back to the wall, so my pride is hurt.

‘It may be a mess at first, but if you do it a few times, I can do it well.’

While I went to work, Gil Sang ran around for the need for furniture, kitchen utensils, beds and curtains. As a result, my Turkish skills, which I studied for an hour every day, and the Turkish level of Gil Sang -yi, who were learned in the market, were similar. Even more words in life knew. I was not used to living together all day and spending different daytime. There was no time to think about each other’s busy life. I was also busy studying the TIP of the guide job I heard every day or over my shoulders.

There were too many quantities to study. It was a land with many things to say. I climbed from Rome to Greece and went back to Hittite. It was a history of almost 4000 years. Three religions, such as reading, Judaism, and Islamic religions, should also be studied. Turkish tours are usually 7 nights and 8 days, and the time to travel every day is 4 to 6 hours. The gap of time should be filled with the words of the guide. The amount of history to be explained was so high that it was beyond imagination. The guide did not have a pleasant trip as a job. It may be overlooked that it is completely different from seeing outside and actually coming in.

My husband’s share house was ready to get a guest. In fact, it was a place for any traveler with a bed and a kitchen. In Africa, the dog flower couples who traveled together in Dahab became our first guest because of the Istanbul schedule. Subsequently, the guests who were traveling to the bicycle, the guests who traveled to Iceland, and the tiger couple. The first -time viewers knocked on my door under the name of a traveler. Gil Sang also had a job as a share house owner, so he was spending a completely different day than before. I bought some things I need in the market every day. Except for bedding or curtains, it was almost used. In particular, Turkey was not used in our tight living unless it was used because of its expensive electronics. The cheapest of Turkey is fruit, cheese. It was like a vegetable. Whatever it was on a large land, the price was possible, but in a country without industrial facilities, machine products were not expensive. We were struggling to survive in Istanbul.

The five -day jang was where Gilsang was stamped every day. While I went to work and rotted my head, Gil -sang was in charge of the house. Cleaning, laundry, cooking rice, and going to see the market are suitable for aptitude. We found each other’s aptitude. Although I am now a novice guide, one day I put my shoulders strength, and it might be as if Turkey would look like a palm.

“The direct flights to Turkish in Korea have been canceled.”

It’s been around when I came to Turkey. Shortly after hearing that Corona patients came out of China, Korea was paralyzed in Corona. It has not allowed China and Koreans to enter various parts of the world. It was the same thing as a traffic, but I waited for this to pass by thinking about the liturgy of SARS. Even though the company’s atmosphere was ugly, there was nothing to do other than waiting for sleeping. I repeated work every day. A little different is that people’s eyes have changed when they take the subway or use the restaurant. Obviously, I usually laughed with my eyes, but nowadays, I was surprised or sneaky. Even teasing as “Corona” happened. I could see people passing by and breathing that they would not do their mouths and do not do a handful of air together. The title of the world’s second -largest passport power is ridiculed in the country’s country.

The situation that I thought, ‘I can wait a little,’ has worsened. Turkish employees in the lower floor organize the desk. He worked shift until the situation improved. I also became an indefinite waiting guide. In the meantime, the amount of money that I went to work has been held in my hand. What do I do? I don’t know. I came home.

Turkey was naive that it would be safe, but the charter was soon reversed. The number of corona patients in Korea has decreased, but the proliferation, which began in Europe, quickly moved to Turkey. Starbucks and other small cafes and restaurants also walked. The only place we could go was the mart. The nearby parks were closed, but the elderly continued to come out. The government eventually broke the park’s bench. Elderly people aged 50 and over have been forbidden to go outside. Everything happened in a moment, and the new news was incredible every day.

The inquiries of Gil Sang’s share house were naturally reduced. There are no travelers coming in, so no one stays. The house, 크레이지슬롯 which was crowded with some people, was empty like the first day I moved. It was only two months since I saved my house to live in Istanbul. Everything was changed to Corona. The number of people on the street has been reduced by more than half. The companies chose to work from home, and the market only flew in Paris. Sometimes when I went to the supermarket, people looked at us and looked at us. Fortunately, the clerks and villagers who often saw us in the neighborhood always greeted me warmly, but strangers did not release their eyes. We broadcast how terribly the coronar was in all countries around the world, and we were dizzy just by sitting in the house and identifying what happened. What to do in the future …

Every time we went out, we packed a hand disinfectant and used a mask. Not many people wear masks on the street. Rather, all gloves were wearing. It was because of the sensitive culture of reaching touch. Starting next time, we also wore gloves and Marks as a set. Silence flowed at home. The border between day and night was also ambiguous. I didn’t have anything to do, so I had no duty to sleep early or I had to get up early. Corona has now turned around the world to the Americas. The plane that passed on the roof without a break every few minutes has not floated. I have only heard the desperate news that it will take at least a year to make a vaccine. However, it was not easy to get out of the contract for 10 months of the contract. I didn’t have any income, but I decided to eat less and use less, I could endure it until the vaccine came out. It’s my settlement that I found, and it’s Istanbul that I said how much I love you.

I calculated the money in my bankbook how much I could last. We decided to spend 80 million won for two years and spent about 10 million won for home contracts and guesthouse preparations. It has been a long time since the budget is over. The plans to make money as a traveler guide and to fill their living expenses with her husband’s share house were already useless. The more we rolled our heads, the more we fell into despair, which was isolated to Istanbul’s 40 pyeong villa.

I don’t know how a month has passed. Perhaps people around the world remember this time with pain and frustration. We were just flowing down as if this forgot to lock the faucet.

“Let’s go to Korea.”

My husband wanted to endure a little more, but I couldn’t stand it in my house. I was receiving a charter application from Istanbul to Korea. It would not matter if I could escape here anyway. I decided to go back. The dream of the guide and the hope of the share house were all ruined.

I was in the charter of May. 954 days is over.

Even fishy fish become art, where it is Portugal.

A place where fish is transformed into a fancy and pop -up fashion, and tourists visiting Portugal will often visit this place in Lisbon or Porto. Even the name of the shop has a pop -up feeling, which is ‘O Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa’. When you enter this store, the sardines are displayed in hundreds of recipes, and the more colorful canned design captivates the viewer.

By the time it is shocked by the fact that the canned fish is sold in a place that looks like a casino, it can be understood that it is not only a canned food to eat. The store clerk also feels like it’s a beautiful or beautiful rather than appealing. Already, as long as we recognized Roy Liechtenstein’s pop art as art, this store and the identity of this store are as good as art. In other words, sardines are also art in Portugal.

In Portugal, Sarde, which is called the food of the soul, is the first to bake it. Sprinkle with coarse salt and grilled on charcoal is a savory and light taste. Especially, if you visit Portugal in June, you can enjoy the sardine festival, including St. Antonio Festival, St. Juan and St. Pedru. When the festival is held, music flows and smoke rises. And in the city, the smell of sardine vibrates. I am going to Figueira da Foz, a coastal city between Lisbon and Porto to eat sardines.

It’s Pigui, which means a fig tree. A long time ago, fishermen had a fig tree in the dock where the ship was anchored, and that was the name of the city. This is actually a quiet coastal city where foreign tourists rarely visit. There is no such thing as a lisbon or a unique young feeling like Porto. There are no tourist destinations for this except casino. If it’s just such a gray city that may go to any country, is it too much? In any case, I sometimes visit this place because there is no such city in Portugal to walk the beach while watching the high -pagoda unique to the Atlantic, 핸드폰카지노 avoiding the bustle of large cities such as Lisbon and Porto.

Similar to other cities, the St. Juan Festival is held in June, where you can drink five sardines and beer for only five euros. The small sardines baked in an iron plate are carefully held with both hands. The thorns of the fish are so thin that they can be chewed. At the end of the day, the outside is crispy and the inside is moist. There is no burden on your mouth because you don’t feel it. The taste is not burdensome by sardine. This is why the Portuguese people love sardines. Sarde is a common food. Fashion is like that. And pop art sublimates common things into art. So, in Portugal, sardines are nothing more than pop art we know. Again, sardines in Portugal are art.

Figueira da Foz

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