Chidorigafuchi Green Road Sakura 2

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◇ 29th Rakuten 1-2 Nippon -Ham (Rakuten Life Park Miyagi) A big boss of Nippon Ham, who returned for the first time in six games under the influence of the new Coronavirus, immediately produced a dramatic production. One -point lead 9 times, 2 deaths, 2nd base. The next moment when the stand boiled in the intense center of Rakuten and Suzuki, short Nakajima jumped and caught well, tossed to second base and set a game set. Shinjo was drunk with the light ice victory, saying, “I’m going to hit me. Nine times, one death, Kitaura was sent out as a closer. There is no track record in the fifth year of professional. It was a strange idea to hit the left arm, which was spent most of the two troops this season, to the right hitter, Asamura on the right. Shinjo said, “There was an image of a pitch that suppressed Yamakawa -kun (Seibu). Kitaura struck out Asamura with a 150km steep ball. He made a pinch in the following, but was helped by Nakajima’s big play and responded to his expectations for his first professional save. The one and only big boss control is alive in the attack. In the sixth round, he succeeded in reversing by instructing the end runs in a row on the long -range gun Imagawa and Manwaicho. In addition, when Kiyomiya stood at bat with one death and third base, he said, “I wanted to get a squeeze, but then it was a flavorful.” This failed due to the opponent’s vigilance and laughed, saying, “I feel like I’m doing Baccarat in Las Vegas.” For better or worse, the victory ended at the Shinjo Theater. The big boss said, “If you continue this kind of game, you can join the mixed battle unexpectedly. The commander who positioned 크레이지슬롯 this season as a “tryout” spoke of the sex appeal to the rise.

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