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If you want to leave, there is no time in the neighboring country Hong Kong and Macau. The place to welcome travelers with warm and mild weather and unique charm throughout the year! You can arrive in 3-4 hours in direct flights, and if you want to enjoy economic vacation on a three -day, four -day schedule, you can leave it to Hong Kong, Macau, which is rich in sights.

Ikcheong Building in Hong Kong Island Query Bay is located at the left end of MTR Taiku Station. You can also get off at Mount Parker Road (83E) using a tram at Central Hong Kong Island. The film transformer is more famous as it recently appeared in Salnae Tour. The old and huge Ikcheong Building is the scene surrounded by three high buildings. Thousands of windows, outdoor devices, and laundry are found to be a real residential space. Isn’t it romantic and sad?

Hong Kong Central is the center of Hong Kong, with the headquarters of the Hong Kong City Hall, the headquarters of the multinational financial institution, the consulate, consulate, and IFC. Located near Victoria Port, it has served as an administrative center since the transfer of the People’s Republic of China in 1997. In addition, you can spend time boring at central restaurants, bars, cafes, etc., including shopping malls such as Pacific Place and Landmark. Since Central is a very sloped area, it is recommended to come using the mid -level escalator.

In order to enter Lantau Island, Hong Kong, which is a beautiful mountain scenery, you need to use Onging 360 cable car. The cable car slopes are all glass, and the view of Lantau Island can be viewed at 360 degrees, so it is named 360 cable cars. The 360 ​​cable car is a transportation means of connecting Tongcheong city and Lantau Island, and can be selected from a crystal cable car with a glass and a standard cable car with no floor. It is a tourist course where you can see Lantau Island for 25 minutes and runs the 5.7km section. You can take a cable car to Lantau Island to see Ongping Village, a village built with a Buddhist theme.

If you go to Lantau Island by 360 cable cars connecting Tongcheong city and Lantau’s temples, you will arrive at Porin Temple, Hong Kong’s largest Buddhist 온라인바카라 temple. There is a Buddha statue called Big Buda. Big Buddha is a huge Buddha statue, like its name with a weight of 34m high and 200 tons completed in 1993. In order to see Big Buda nearby, you can enjoy the magnificent Buddha statues far away without going up 268 steep stairs.

Even if you don’t go to the United States, you can have a good time as if you were returning to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. The main street with Disney On Parade, the thrilling adventure land, the nation of Disney fairy tale, the Tomorrow Land, which enjoys science and space exploration, and the Toy Story of Toy Story It consists of six theme lands and you can enjoy it from 10 am to 8 pm. If you buy a fast pass, you can use the attraction quickly without standing a long line, and you can buy a secret coupon and taste various snacks in the theme park. If you have completed the theme land and attractions, please commemorate the visit to Disneyland with a small souvenir at the souvenir shop at the entrance before the entrance!

Hong Kong is also a night market. The representative Mongkok Night Market is located near MTR Prince Edward Station and Mongkok Station. At the Mongkok Night Market, a variety of markets such as the Ladies Market, Goldfish Market, and Flower Market, known as the counter market, can be purchased at a reasonable price. You can also find snacks such as flowers and home appliances, food and clothing, and interior accessories, mango juice and fish cake, and bargain is essential! Since most of the shops operate in the afternoon, I recommend you to visit from the sunset to feel the night market.

Shall we go to Macau on the third day? You can use the ferry when moving from Hong Kong to Macau. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Hong Kong Central while traveling by ferry.

Macau’s ruins of Macau, designated as World Heritage Site, are the most famous historical buildings in Macau, the ruins of the Portugal 17th -century cathedral, dedicated to the apostle Paul of Jesus. There is only an exterior wall of the building due to the fire that occurred in the past, but you can feel the traces of history. It seems to be the exterior of the cathedral in Europe, but you can find sculptures that can feel the art culture of the East, such as lions and dragons. You can also explore the interior of the cathedral or watch the square in front of the cathedral on the second floor of the wall.

Senado Square is a landmark of Macau, and Portuguese, a parliamentary, is the center of Macau and the starting point of Macau’s historical district tourism. The European -style buildings and wavy tiles surrounding Senado have an exotic feeling. The 25 World Heritage Ruins of Senado Square are gathered north -south to the west of Macau Peninsula. can.

Let’s take the ferry back to Hong Kong!

Tsimchui, one of Hong Kong’s largest downtown streets, is located in the southern end of Kao Rung, and it is the right place to get off at MTR Tsimchu Station. The west side of Nathan Road across the north and south is the Canton Road, the east is Chatom Road South. There are hotels, shopping malls, and restaurants around Nathan Road, and are always attractive places that always form phosphoric acids with travelers and locals. Have fun shopping, cultural life, and Tsimsa in Hong Kong!

The clock tower of Hong Kong Tsimchui is located near Tsimchui Station. It is a place to visit at least once because there are Star Ferri marina and several shopping malls. During the day, you can leave exotic photos against the background of the clock tower or leave a night view with the gorgeous lights of high -rise buildings. You can also climb the observation deck on the right side of the clock tower to enjoy the view of the city of Hong Kong. In addition, at 8 o’clock every night, the music laser show symphony of light, which is held among the high -rise buildings in Victoria, Hong Kong, also adds to the charm of Hong Kong. In 13 minutes and 34 seconds, over 40 high -rise buildings on both sides of Victoria, they showcase their splendor with symphony, lighting and fireworks. If you want to enjoy a romantic night, don’t miss the symphony of light!

Repulse Bay, a representative resort in Hong Kong, loved by Hong Kong, is a white sand beach with sand in Austria and China. You can get to the repulse Bay bus at the MTR Central Station Exit A transfer center and arrive for about 20 minutes. You can spend a leisurely time, such as swimming or enjoying sunbathing in Refulse Bay. The café, restaurant, and supermarket are lined up along the Refunds Bay Coast Line, and you can eat barbecues directly from the beach to the market at the supermarket, and you can enjoy a cup of coffee and cocktails at the beach shopping mall The Pulse. Don’t forget to leave a life shot against the background of the veranda of the movie color and the world’s location.

Stanley Bay is one of the best resorts in southern Hong Kong. The appearance of foreigners spending time at the open -air café and bar along Stanley Bay adds an exotic feeling. You can enjoy a leisurely boom in the main beach, which has a natural appearance, and you can enjoy shopping such as souvenirs and props in Stanley Market, which is built around the main street. It’s a good idea to solve your meals or to have a cup of coffee at the European -style main street where the roadside shops are harmonized with roads on the beach. At the end of the main street, there is a comprehensive shopping mall Stanley Plaza. Remember Stanley Plaza if you want to enjoy shopping and avoid the heat!

Did you enjoy Hong Kong-Macau for 3 nights and 4 days with Trip.com? Hong Kong is a place where you can leave at any time, so it’s also a place where you can’t fall. Leave right now on the recommended schedule on Trip.com! Hong Kong of April! Don’t miss the weather that is good to enjoy just before going to the rainy season ~! Hong Kong, which has an attractive night view, and a small European Macau in Asia are waiting for you.

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